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Did you know each family has a unique block of energetic frequencies and these frequencies can go back many generations? So why is this important you say....because they can really screw with us in the now!

The Not So Magnificent 7 are:

I don't know about your family tree but mine was ripe with all seven varieties of dysfunction. So let me explain why these family frequencies could be messing with your personal frequency.

When we are born into a family we inherit not only DNA we also inherit its energetic frequency block.  No matter how hard we try to sever ourselves from the family frequency it is still there running in the background like a really bad app that drains your battery and slows down your operating system. It s not until you delete the app will you be rid of it. Now here is the good can totally change these frequencies!

Through generational frequency clearing you can not only rid yourself of them but release them from all family members attached to them past, present and future! Pretty cool right?

So how is this possible? Because time is not truly linear, sure we perceive it as linear therefore it acts linear but in the world of energy time acts very different. So this allows us to be able to "go back" in time and "back to the future" too....say what? I am clearly not a quantum physicist but I bet if you googled the subject you may find this concept is being researched.  

A family frequency is merely an energetic vibration that until identified and shifted will remain in the family resonating in varying degrees in each family member for generations. I know this to be true because I have helped to change these vibrational frequencies in my own family and in the hundreds of families of clients and friends over the years.   

So what can be the benefit from changing these frequencies? I am happy you asked......Here are just a few possible benefits:

Feeling like you finally belong
Feeling loved and acknowledged
Loss of addictive behaviors
Feeling safe and supported
Improved wellbeing
Feeling abundant
Improved family connections & communication
Peace of mind

I am so passionate about generational frequency clearing I have developed a new intense two part process called
Family Frequency. 

The first part focuses on the family as a whole going back generations identifying and acknowledging any or all of the
not so magnificent 7 and changing the frequency to a fresh new not so "dysfunctional" one.

The second part focuses on you and your current family relationships cleaning up connections and fine tuning if you will, the fresh new formed Family Frequency

The Family Frequency is
completed in two 45 min phone sessions one to two weeks apart. You will be also receiving some powerful energetic processes to enhance all those good family vibes!