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What is ClairEnergy?

ClairEnergy is a unique process of communication and healing developed by Teresa Glavin Kline. It quickly and effectively identifies blocked energy and problematic patterns in a person's energy so they can be cleared and changed going forward for lasting positive change.

ClairEnergy can also open up clear pathways of communication that can help with;


  • Improved relationships

  • Finding your unique gift(s)

  • Clarify your life purpose and lessons

  • Connecting energetically with loved ones past and present


  • Find out what your pets likes and dislikes

  • Quality of life issues

  • Behavior issues

  • Training issues

  • Connecting energetically with a beloved pet past and present 


  • Clear out low energy from places where you live and work

Disclaimer Teresa Glavin-Kline is not a licensed physician or psychologist. ClairEnergy is a is a tool for personal transformation and is not used to or for diagnosis or prescription for health problems of any kind. While ClairEnergy methods can be very effective, they do not take place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need, you should seek competent medical/psychological analysis, advice, or treatment.

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