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Do I have to believe in this for it to work?

No, your body's intuitive wisdom will process and benefit from the session for your higher good. Of, course, you can consciously block any of it from being accepted, if you're comfortable living in a lower vibration.

What is Energetic DNA?

We all inherit messages through our DNA at conception and many scientists now believe that most of our concepts are received at that time. Since energy is never lost, only changed in form the wisdom gained during an entire lifetime is never lost, but passed on to future generations. Our DNA carries these experiences from our parents, our grandparents, and all our ancestors in the cells of our bodies known as cellular memory. Some of these experiences may carry unprocessed emotions that need to be resolved. These unprocessed emotions can manifest into physical diseases.

Does it work on animals?

Yes, animals are very open and accepting of the work and Teresa is able to communicate with animals.

How does this work over the phone?

Energy is not limited to time or distance so it works just as powerful if I'm working with a person one on one or on the phone.

How soon will I notice results?

Energy will shift immediately with the integration, like a light switching on in a dark room. For some they will feel "lighter" after a session. Some will not "feel" anything but notice they are more peaceful. Positive changes will happen for many immediately and for some overtime. Typically clients experience better health, mental clarity, confidence, peace, more joy, less stress and improved relationships.

Does Teresa ever do in person and group readings?

Yes, Teresa does in person sessions and group communication/ healing sessions. Please email for more information.

I don't have any specific issues but I am feeling off balance. Will a session still help me?

Yes, everyone can benefit from this work. A session will fit what ever that person needs and is in their highest good.


Teresa Glavin-Kline is not a licensed physician or psychologist. ClairEnergy is a is a tool for personal transformation and is not used to or for diagnosis or prescription for health problems of any kind. While ClairEnergy methods can be very effective, they do not take place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need,you should seek competent medical/psychological analysis, advice, or treatment.

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