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"I watched your video interview with Ted Slipchinsky and everything you do in a session...I had tears running down my face as I remembered how our sessions together have broken through many barriers and doors that I figured were pretty much closed...especially the one session about labels...that was the deepest healing; healing on levels that I have yet to discover. I think once you get some of the debris out of the way it seems to follow suit that other things fall into place too...things that seem to have been stuck for 10-20-30-40 years are more, even for generations. I appreciate you and all you do! Thank you so much! I am much more hopeful, feel more self-empowered and most importantly, I am beginning to feel free of the debilitating fear and I feel now that the root of the fear as dissipated. C. Kirkley, CO

"You gave me a reading over the phone last April and I’ve been meaning to reach out and really thank you. Talking to you has been the only way that I’ve truly felt my mother since she passed away 7 years ago. You not only gave me so much peace with messages from my mother but you honed in about my fears of getting pregnant and becoming a mother. You helped lift a weight off my shoulders I didn’t realize I was carrying. I got pregnant just a couple months after we spoke and my baby should be here any day now! Thank you so much for helping me calm down and allowing me to hear exactly what I needed to from my mom. I’m sure I will schedule a call with you again. Hope you’re doing great!" C.K, OR

" Our session has been life changing!

I feel like the piece that I have been trying to find and mend my entire adult life was mended. I feel unified.

I am secure in myself, I feel for the first time ever that I am trusting the Divine within me and trusting myself as well. So many aspects of my life are going to change because of this. I really am unable to express in words the wholeness and peace of mind that I feel for the first time. I am unable to truly express the internal greatness, trust of self and I am confident that I can provide for myself now. Thank you for being a key part in my spiritual journey, you have helped with everything major and I can't show you how grateful I am for you. K. Marie, D.C.

" Hi Teresa just wanted to thank you again for helping with healing of my son in-law. He is home now and is so glad to be out of the hospital. Things really started to turn around after you and I spoke. Thank you! RT, MA 

"I wanted to tell you that after our last session I feel incredible. I feel extremely at peace with my life. I feel like I'm really living in the present. I feel a lot more comfortable in my job and with my co-workers and I don't feel as intimidated. I just feel happy and serene! Thank you for your support and for what you do!!"J.C, TX

"Thank you for the energy work and clearing you did. My son called this morning and he is like a different person! If I didn't believe before which I did, this alone would convince me.

I feel like I could fly this morning. I have so much positive energy that the yoga teacher commented on it."H.T, NV 

" Thank you for giving me the closure I needed....connecting with my Dad through you was so healing. You have touched my soul and I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from my chest. You are the real deal!! S. Branigan, CA

" I wanted to drop you a note for three reasons: 1. My wife and I are doing better than ever 2. My production at work and home has tripled and my intuition has kicked into high gear 3. My son and I are communicating on a deeper meaningful level. I am so pleased we were introduced to you, I do not understand your gifts and I do not need works! C.H, NV

" I am still feeling the glow from our session and I know its my new found love for me thanks to you! I have been given a new beginning!! N. Saucier, CA

" I was so shocked at how Teresa could pick up on "my stuff" I really felt so much of it was cleared and I left the session feeling like a load of weight was lifted from my shoulders. Teresa was very understanding and made me and my daughter very comfortable during our session. We worked on our issues with communication and we both left the session feeling a stronger connection than we ever had with each other. We could feel that Teresa had touched our spirits." K. Beth, CA

" Teresa is truly a gifted healer. I have really benefited from our sessions. She really zeros in on the problems and removes the "energy blocks" quickly. I feel more positive and no longer stress out over everyday things. My sleep has greatly improved and I feel I have made great progress with getting past a lot of emotional baggage I have carried all my life. Teresa also helped my husband open up and heal from his experiences in Vietnam. I can't express the miracle that truly is. I still don't understand how she does what she does but I am a believer!" J. Leva, CA

" At my first session, I was a little nervous and not 100% sure what to expect. Teresa made me feel at ease and explained the process to me completely. We were able to identify some issues I was having with pain in my knees. I have to tell you that I was not exactly aware of the constant pain I was in until Teresa removed it....Wow what a difference she made in just one session. I had not realized how bad it had gotten until it was gone. There were quite a few things we worked on that session that I noticed a difference in, I slept like a rock that night and over all have been sleeping better ever sense. I have been more positive when given bad news and over all less stressed. I also had Teresa work on my doggies. I have a black Lab who has a lot of phobias and a yellow Lab with a thyroid problem. I noticed a big difference in the yellow Lab immediately. She was very happy and full of energy. The black Lab took a little longer to see the difference but it is there, she does not react as severely to loud noises or bad weather as she used to."

K. Thomson, NC

"I can’t begin to express how much benefit I received emotionally from my first session with Teresa. My experiences have allowed me to identify feelings about emotions connected to things which happened many years ago that I needed to understand the feelings I had related to these situations. Each session has brought great satisfaction both emotionally as well as physically. Teresa’s warm caring approach she brings with every session has been so beneficial to my well being and over all calm I now have with life.

My sessions have been the best thing that I have done for myself in years. Teresa you are a ANGEL….."D. Beltran, CA

" I really feel great relief by spending an hour with Teresa. She quickly identifies blocks and really gets to the heart of the issue. I can't tell you how much I love the thought and giving of her time, which is most important to me, and her love. She has opened the door to start my healing."G. Nicklaus, CA

"Our sessions have been very healing to my spirit. Teresa has cleared my fogged brain and renewed it. I can see now the truth in people close to me and understand them more. Some I had to let go in order to start healing myself. I can't thank her enough for helping me threw tough times and guiding me to the discovery of the mold in my home. I can't express how much it means to me to know that it wasn't just all in my head. With Love and Appreciation. "R. Ballard, CA


Teresa Glavin-Kline is not a licensed physician or psychologist. ClairEnergy is a is a tool for personal transformation and is not used to or for diagnosis or prescription for health problems of any kind. While ClairEnergy methods can be very effective, they do not take place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need,you should seek competent medical/psychological analysis, advice, or treatment.

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