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What to Expect During a Session with Teresa

Teresa Glavin Kline giving blessings

After briefly talking with you she will tune into your energy and feel where it directs her to go.

Typically during a session energetic blocks and unwanted patterns will be located on your timeline and in your Energetic DNA . After locating them the process of clearing and redirecting will begin . Sometimes it will be necessary to talk briefly about a specific event to bring the blocked energy up to clear it also loved ones that have transitioned or crossed over may assist Teresa and want to communicate with you especially if it is beneficial to your healing.

The Timeline

Most illness and disease that manifest in the body are a result of unprocessed emotions. These unprocessed emotions can be stuck on a person's timeline. A timeline is measured from conception/womb/birth and all years forward. Events such as trauma, stress and emotional pain we experience through out our life can get stuck here. When these blocks are cleared it doesn't remove the memory of the event only the blocked energy.

Energetic DNA

We not only get our physical traits from our ancestors we also inherit emotional traits as well. These emotional traits are what Teresa calls "Emotional Baggage" and our ancestors can give us a lot of bags to carry! Clearing the blocked energy and unwanted patterns will not only benefits you but all the family members that are linked to them.

When energetic blocks are released and unwanted patterns are redirected the body and mind become in agreement, aligned and the necessary space for healing is created.

Immediately after your session you may experience feeling lighter and having a conscious sense of inner peace.

Disclaimer Teresa Glavin-Kline is not a licensed physician or psychologist. ClairEnergy is a is a tool for personal transformation and is not used to or for diagnosis or prescription for health problems of any kind. While ClairEnergy methods can be very effective, they do not take place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need, you should seek competent medical/psychological analysis, advice, or treatment.

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